Your Key to the Wholesale Marketplace


AuctionACCESS is the number one dealer credentialing system for the wholesale auto auction industry in North America.

AuctionACCESS provides security and convenience for our auction and dealer partners by securely limiting wholesale access to licensed, credentialed vehicle dealers and their authorized representatives. The AuctionACCESS card is a dealer’s gateway into the wholesale auction physical and online lanes and a tool for our auction partners to verify photo ids, proper dealer licenses and other credentialing documents necessary to conduct business in the wholesale industry.

Who is eligible to become an AuctionACCESS member?

AuctionACCESS is open to licensed, credentialed vehicle dealers and their authorized representatives (individuals who are bona fide employees or contractors with a licensed dealership). Retail buyers or other non-affiliated individuals are not eligible. For more details on eligibility, view our Terms and Conditions.

Which auctions are included with my membership?

AuctionACCESS membership provides central credentialing at over 320 auction marketplaces in the US and Canada. To see full list of supported locations, see our Auction Locations.

How much does my membership cost?

The annual membership fee is $103 USD per individual in AuctionACCESS. There is no charge to the company or dealership itself, only to the individuals credentialed in AuctionACCESS. If an individual works for multiple companies, they are still only required to pay the annual $103 USD for their individual membership. Sales tax does apply where applicable.