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AutoUse Floorplan Availability Now Available Via AuctionACCESS

Birmingham, Ala. - April 15, 2013 - AuctionACCESS is pleased to announce that another finance company has joined a growing list of industry partners who are now automating floor plan data transmission through the AuctionACCESS system. AutoUse floor plan availability will now be available to AuctionACCESS subscribing auctions. This data will enable auctions to show their dealers updated AutoUse credit availability before they enter the physical and online auction lanes. In addition, this system will allow auctions to quickly and efficiently originate floor plan transactions with AutoUse through an automated system.

"This system creates a more efficient floor plan process for dealers doing business with AutoUse," said Charlie Adams, AutoTec Director of Business Development. "We are thrilled to have AutoUse as partners and look forward to continuing to create an industry wide automated solution for transmitting floor plan data."

AuctionACCESS is now sending daily availability to over 240 member auctions.

"This integration reflects our commitment to provide quality service for our dealer customers," said Bob Drew, President of AutoUse. "The automated process with AuctionACCESS will create significant time and cost savings for our auction partners and make it easier for our dealers to grow their business."


AutoUse is an independent finance company with over 40 years of experience providing service to thousands of franchised and independent auto dealers. For more information, visit www.autouseautoloan.com.

AutoTec, LLC, is based in Birmingham, Ala. The company's flagship product, AuctionACCESS, is the leader in helping companies manage their vehicle dealer credentials using a centralized database of dealers and authorized representatives from 128 countries.


For more information, visit www.auctionaccess.com/media or contact:
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